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Poster: BlackPeter Date: Jan 21, 2005 4:23am
Forum: presidential_recordings Subject: Re: BUSH..


As much as id LIKE to disagree with your statements, as I consider myself fairly conservative, i cannot, what you say makes sense and is well thought out. I have long thought that going into IRAQ wasnt the brightest idea in the world, especially when there were "bigger fish to fry" but we are there, and I support our troops wholeheartedly. Hopefully, after the elections, we will be able to continue to gradually train and arm the military over there, and slowly come home. HOWEVER, Being a Jew, New Yorker, and firsttime newborn father (shes the cutest most precious thing on earth!) i FULLY stand behind our president. I support the Patriot Act to its fullest extent, and think the Dept. of Homeland Security is doing a good job. Lets just remember on whos watch 9/11 was hatched and WHERE they learned to fly for it! That will not happen today. Just like those 4 loonies who are supposedly planning something in Boston will be quietly and quickly snatched off the street. Hundreds upon hundreds of people that we dont read or hear about have been snatched off the streets because of being tied to known terroists or "cells" I know its all very Orwellian and scary to think that this is the way our great country has become, BUT this is how it is now, like it or not. There are forces ALL OVER THE WORLD who hate us and want to destroy us for the simple reason that we are FREE, practice FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, and FREE SPPECH (and our valiant support of brave little Israel) we cannot become REACTIVE, we MUST be PROACTIVE or more buildings will fall and more lives will be lost. This is what those people screaming at me at Union Square 14th Street in NYC dont understand; there are people like me who have wives they love and daughters they cherrish, and if someone wants to go through my underwear drawer because its in the interest of national security, go right in sir.
Did you ever think about what AL-Quedas goal is? what is it? have they ever said? NO, NEVER, they dont have a goal, except to convert everything, or destroy everything, and they will NEVER stop. Do you think if were not in Iraq, didnt support Israel, that they would stop trying to destroy us? think again. This is how the world is now, and since we're not building a GIANT wall around us, we MUST become PROACTIVE, before something VERY bad happens again. There are only 2 things that truly matter to me: keep my family safe and keep my taxes low. THIS is the reason that I vote for and support Mr. Bush. I hope this all makes sense to you all, im not trying to offend anyone or upset anyone. I'm a very peaceful, GratefulDead loving, IPOD listening guy, but im very adamant about this, and am steadfast in my convictions. I just want my little girl to grow up in a world where she will be safe and protected.

Take care everyone and long live the Glorious Grateful Dead

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Poster: The_Plaid_coat Date: Jan 21, 2005 7:19am
Forum: presidential_recordings Subject: Re: BUSH..

Ignorance is bliss, that’s your call my friend to just close your eyes and go back to bed. I understand your motivations and your love for your country though you have to examine the whole picture. Now that sounds like me simply trying to push my own rhetoric upon you though I say this with a voice of desperation a last call before a government plunges even deeper into the rabbit hole of hypocrisy and doublespeak.
I’m not sympathizing at all with terrorists but I ask you look to their motivations for their acts, as heinous and wrong as they are why did they do it. You shall find what lies at the heart of these terrorists and their followers. That they oppose not freedom or democracy but the foreign policy and hypocrisy of ideology that your government exports, the true nature of your beloved nation and its dirty secrets. They attack shadow government that stands behind, not you.
You seem intelligent enough to see part of the hypocrisy but you stop at its doorway in a fit of despair or maybe confusion? I say trudge on!! Seek the truth wherein does it lie and how does your media and government use it against you. Look to your nationalism, how does the machine use it to coerce you into alignment. Though I still believe these words will be lost on you pushed away as leftist liberal bullshit.

But hey I just had 10 minutes to blow so I hope this helps.